ALL OVER Bruno Rainaldi / 2010

At first glance, the metal and aluminum bookcase All over designed by Bruno Rainaldi, it seems a succession of opened and closed wall units flowing on the wall, that don’t follow a precise pattern or an established rule. All over takes shape thanks to the free combination of three different types of shelves, and of a storage compartment that can be combined with a desk available in two sizes, characterised by an innovative backrest equipped with elastics to store pencils, pens, notes or anything else that would otherwise go missing.

A system where nothing is left to chance, and where thanks to the high level of customisation, gives the possibility to find the most suitable and functional location for each item. A library designed for contemporary homes, where rooms are getting tighter and narrower, in order to allow the best use of the space, creating the maximum options for storage.

" A wall packed with books and ornaments, shelves end to end in a seemingly casual, pattern that makes most use of the available space with no wastage.

Nothing is left empty and everything has its ideal place. "

Bruno Rainaldi