My pony Bruno Rainaldi / 2010

The My Pony table is based on a very simple idea: to place an improvised top on a pair of stands to make a table, just like in a worksite. Another object crafted by Bruno Rainaldi’s visionary mind , inspired by mere observation, no formal studies, no project, just spirit of observation, a characteristic trait of the “street designer” as Bruno Rainaldi loved to define himself.

The result is a composable table made by joining a pair of folding standard stands in scratch-resistant lacquered solid wood and chrome-plated metal to a rectangular top in lacquered mdf. An “easy” table that is equally easily included in the most diverse environments, as a dining table or a work top. A table that can be set up and undone as needed. A table to be personalised by choosing, both for the stands and the top, one of the 213 colours of the RAL Classic folder.

"If you have to know how to tame an horse, maybe a pony would easier follow you wherever you want!"

Bruno Rainaldi
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