Being born and raised in the Netherlands while having Asian roots influenced my look on the world and its cultures. It gave me a broad perspective. As a designer I believe in flexibility and adaptability. Living in the 21st century, the digital world is accessible anytime and anywhere on your mobile phone or computer. Also we can travel the real world by jumping on the airplane, we can be nearly anywhere on the world within 24 hours, in a complete different world with other people, colors, nature, buildings, customs, ideas and products. These technological advances have made us, world citizens. World citizens are no longer tied to one particular place, city or country. Whether it’s for leisure or work, people are increasingly mobile, and this has effect on the way we live. It requests flexibility and adaptability. This is why these are the keywords in my work and life.

As a designer and person I stand for flexibility and adaptability. These concepts are important in this multicultural society and always changing world for different people to live respectfully with eachother. These concepts are also important in my work. My products are often dynamic and as a result the functionality of my products increase.

With my products I try to improve people’s lives, mainly by making products more enjoyable by efficiency.