Roberta Colombo

Born in Milan in 1957, in 1978 Roberta Colombo achieved a Diploma in painting at the Accademia in Brera.

Between 1980 and 1995, she and Clara Rota gave life to Cartabolo, a bookbinding shop but also an experimental workshop devoted to decorating and processing paper: this activity will lead her to exhibit her works both in Italy and abroad.

By adopting different gazes, her work is built around several recurring themes: gender identity, the body, everyday actions and memory, the symbolic and hidden life expressed by things.

Her personal research continues using different materials but mainly ceramic, which she chooses for its ability not only to immediately capture imprints, but also to precisely replicate copies - like portraits – of real objects. Emotional garments and family objects, alongside pieces found on the streets, become a major part of her work.

In 2002 she starts working with Bruno Rainaldi and in 2006 they join forces to organise the collection of ASFALTO tables for Edizioni Entratalibera.

Since 2015 she has taken part in the Wurmkos workshops that bring together groups of artists suffering from mental distress and founded by Pasquale Campanella in 1987 to develop participatory art projects.