Acqua Paola Navone / 2006

Red knobs, which, in spite of its similarity with industrial hydrants, it also remind the shape of a stylized flower. Two red knobs with an H and a C in the middle as the pistil of this flower but also to distinguish hot from cold water.

Water, because this is the faucet designed by Paola Navone. A chromed tap with a sinuous line composed by the two knobs with an extractable shower-head. Designed for Axis but perfect for every sink in the kitchen, in a open area of the living room or in the most contemporary spaces.

Design work for a piece of great impact.

" The idea is never completely defined. There is a long phase in which shapes, colours, feelings and surfaces are collected, and everything ends up in a storage container, until it comes to a synthesis that is a faster process. I work like this, whatever I do. "

Paola Navone