AXIS Marco Duina + Bruno Pozzi /1986

Axis, the kitchen system designed by Bruno Pozzi and Marco Duina in 1986, is still revolutionary nowadays.

A model that is able to anticipate the future, based on an elementary but innovative concept: destructurating the main functional kitchen units into independent elements which can be later assembled in an extremely flexible structure according to the use.

Axis is made up by a stainless steel bridge structure which can be white lacquered or satin finished. Countertops (all rectangular and one circular) and accessories play with materials and textures to reach the maximum of personalization: stainless steel and white Carrara marble as well as Corian® or walnut. Materials and finishes characterized by geometry and simplicity, which do not intend to be protagonists, but to enhance the professionality of their user.

Axis is tailoring in the kitchen and more!

The possibility of integrate cooking and tasting phases in just one unit makes Axis an ideal protagonist, not only inside strongly innovative houses but also in poIyfunctional spaces.

When eating a snack is only a pause, short but indispensable in a long day’s work, Axis is the perfect solution with its discreet but stimulating presence, at ease in the most reserved environments or silent public of the most agitated meetings.

Restaurants, open spaces, gourmet labs or cooking shows, when food is creativity out of the box, the highly flexible approach of Axis offers almost never ending tailored solutions.

Axis, conceived mainly to stand unconstrained from the room boundary, includes also a wall fixed structure. This solution preserves the original concept and replaces the steel “bridge” with a “beam” sustained by wall-fixed shelves.

Axis – in both versions - can be also placed in the bathroom as an innovative base for sinks, for a wellness without boundaries.

Selected for the Compasso d’Oro award in 1987, Axis still holds today an innovative personality and it doesn't stop astonishing after 30 years.

" Good design is something that can keep on maintaining its own original value despite the passing of time”.

Puccio Duni Compasso d'Oro alla Carriera
Axis ponte