WAVES LAMP Maurizio Galante + Tal Lancman / 2012

Hand-bent steel waves, glistening waves that reflect light, creating a suggestive chiaroscuro effect.

Waves lamp is the iconic sculptural lamp designed by Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman, the latest arrival in the Waves collection, that already includes a cupboard and a lowboard.

Unique pieces with a strong scenographic impact made in steel, available in two sizes (oval and round) and two finishes (chrome or glossy gold).

Waves lamp 7

A “vague” wave shape, where light slips away, a glistening wave that mirrors light, offering unexpected glows. A wave, that despite being brief and unstable, on which we can base our entire conceptual universe, reality balanced between pragmatism and folly.”

Maurizio Galante + Tal Lancman