LApanca Lapo Ciatti / 2017

Nomen omen was a Latin expression which can be translated as ‘a name a destiny’ and there could be no more correct definition for LApanca, the latest arrival among the "essentials" collection by Opinion Ciatti. Minimal design pieces, highly recognisable by function, and highly customisable according to preferences and needs.

LApanca is a rectangular steel bench, ideal for tables (maybe even  ILtavolo) or as a bottom bed (maybe ILletto); essential lines that are well suited for a variety of contexts.

Available in two sizes, can be lacquered choosing from one of the 213 colors of the RAL options or covered with precious leaves (gold, silver, copper, black).

In the bedroom or in the kitchen? Or why not as a support surface? 

LApanca is also versatile in use!

Lapo Ciatti
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