LAlampada floor lamp Lapo Ciatti / 2014 - 2017

Elegant and sophisticated, contemporary and minimalist, LAlampada by Lapo Ciatti is also a floor lamp. With its curved circular shapes - a spherical diffuser and circular disks that composed the base - it will create the perfect lighting system next to the couch, or in the corners of the bedroom. Thanks to the various customisation options - mat white, finishes with material effect, precious leaves or mirrored steel - coordinated and available in two sizes, the floor lamp is suitable for any space of the house, the living area, the kitchen, the bedroom, including the public places or working environments.

Together with ILavoloILletto is part of the “essentials” collection by Opinion Ciatti - pieces of the recognisable shapes and the high degree of customisation - LAlampada is also suspension, table lamp, wall lamp. Waiting for her moment resting on a table, suspended or applied to the wall, giving a touch of sobriety, irony and sophistication to the space.

"Catch the light and build LAlampada all around."

Lapo Ciatti