Le Ragazze Formose - in Piedi Bruno Rainaldi / 2003-2015

Le Ragazze Formose collection designed by Bruno Rainaldi is inspired by the generous forms of women, who are not afraid to show themselves, but who proudly present themselves with all their physicality. "Girls" with soft lines revisited in a modern and minimalist style with simple and sharp geometries. A collection of beautiful containers that deliberately remind positions of the human body, like standing, comfortably sitting or laying down. Thus, the Formosa in Piedi, the AccucciataSdraiata or the Adagiata, are made of MDF and need to be fixed to the wall, creating surprising volumes thanks to a full and empty special effect.

Le Ragazze Formose is a collection of sinuous and captivating furnishing, that with their simple yet sophisticated image are capable of enhancing contexts of all kinds. Characterised by the same neatness of lines, the various elements of the collection can be combined to create essential interiors full of personality. Le Ragazze Formose is also extremely versatile in the finishes. They can be coloured in one of the 213 colours of the RAL classic collection, coated with textural finishing (cement, bronze, cast iron) or covered with precious leaves (gold, silver, copper, black). For in Piedi, Sdraiata o Adagiata versions, there is also the possibility of a special shiny stainless steel cover.

Formosa in Piedi is a tall and long-lined container cabinet, a functional space-saving solution. Composed of a column fixed to the wall only at the top, Formosa in Piedi has a tapered body and develops vertically. With an open-front opening system, it is equipped with a very spacious compartment with 2 drawers and 4 comfortable shelves, perfect to organise various items depending on the environment in which it is placed; glasses and dishes in a living, towels and personal hygiene products in the bathroom, dresses or accessories in the bedroom, all we do not know where to enter.

Le Ragazze, collections of neo-geometric cabinets,

Le Ragazze FormOSE.

Girls who dare with shape, with themselves.

Bruno Rainaldi
Leragazzeformose 2

Le Ragazze Formose, from top left clockwise: Formosa in Piedi, Formosa Adagiata, Formosa Accucciata, Formosa Sdraiata.