THE FREEDOM! FAMILY Roberta Colombo / 2019

The Freedom! mirrors collection designed by Roberta Colombo is much more than surfaces that allows us to see ourselves, it is a hymn, a warning, a manifesto.

Launched for the first time in the Female version at the 2019 Salone del Mobile, Freedom! is a mirror with a steel frame which comes in three versions reproducing in shape the symbols of gender - the feminine, the masculine, the neutral. But Freedom! is not a “common” piece; it aims to be a tool for awareness even before being an object for everyday use. Freedom of homologation, norms, etiquettes, Freedom! shouts Be Yourself! in all its variations – Female, Male, Genderless.

The three subjects of Freedom! are all available in three finishesmatt white, galvanised chromium, 24 k gold – and two sizesdiameter cm 90 and cm 66 – moreover they can be hung on a wall in different positions, a metaphor that tells us about the will and need to go beyond fixed patterns and feel free to be as we are.

<< Freedom! is a symbolic object and as such it goes beyond what is evident. It isn't the place of the vanity of the body, but a space for thought…because one of my dreams is to live in a planet where, having forgotten our differences, we are simply people >>

Roberta Colombo