Tool n.0 Marcantonio / 2019

An ornamental object positioned somewhere between art and design, Tool n.0 is a bone made of oak with a head in cast brass that aims at celebrating what was, quite possibly, the first tool brandished by a human being, thus marking, according to Marcantonio, the moment in which the evolution of humanity started. It is a first tool of power, that the designer has purposely transformed into a contemporary object which is also powerfully symbolic: the hammer that represents the strength and the work of mankind, which is strong in our imagery and in our history. A definitely functional object, but also a piece of art that is made even more precious by the fact that it has been made in a limited edition of 99 signed and numbered pieces.

“With Tool n.0, my intention was to set in a piece of art something that quite possibly was the first tool used by humans. It is a tribute to that bone - the femur - that, through change, allowed our ancestors to stand up, giving rise to the history of the species.”