Tool n.1 Marcantonio / 2019

In prehistoric archaeology, the expression flint industry (from the Ancient Greek plinthos, «stone») indicated the set of man-made stone objects intentionally crafted from stones.

Tool n.1 celebrates, conferring upon it a sacred meaning, the crafted flint. The silica rock from which the first industrial production to be remembered by humanity started, and that was the starting point to identify the different prehistorical eras.

Tool n.1 like Tool n.0 is a bone, an expression of art but also an object of design. It is a precious ornament in cast brass, made in a limited edition of 99 pieces, which can also be used as a paper weight which thanks to its irregular sides, dispenses golden rays to the environment it embellishes.

“There are some objects that belong to the prehistoric days that I find fascinating: crafted flint are, definitely, one of them. What strikes me in particular is to think of the specialisation achieved by the primitives in crafting them, to the extent that time has been divided into eras based on the evolution that took place in splintering techniques”.