balance Joel Escalona / 2019

Balance is a snapshot of a moment: the perfect balance constantly risking a fall. It is a table ornament/coin tray whereby the Mexican designer invites us to reflect on the concept of balance. Each state of balance is only possible if we share out opposing strengths and the pleasure of stability can only be learned after having sailed in rough seas.

Balance comes with a glossy exterior (in galvanised gold or chromium) while its inside is in a coordinated satin look. It includes two overlapping steel bowls, that seem to be suspended, or floating, yet at the same time fixed, so as to make the fragile appear stable and the transient seem long-lasting.

Balance is a special edition, on industrial scale, of a project presented at MiArt in 2018: it includes 10 unique pieces that together with the designer’s creative genius want to celebrate the highest levels achievable by Mexican craftsmanship.

"Balance is an important step in my career. It stems from my ongoing search for the balance between creative idea and process, between the certainty of what we know and the uncertainty of the new, between stability and constant movement".

Joel Escalona