AXIS WELLNESS Marco Duina + Bruno Pozzi / 1986

Who said Axis should design only kitchens?

Axis system moves into the bathroom to give versatility and refined lightness to the most intimate zone of the house.

Axis Wellness represents the evolution of the Axis system towards the wellness area.

The main features of Axis remain unchanged and Axis Wellness presents itself as an essential steel bridge structure surmounted by a flat surface in order to place the most varied types of washbasin. Axis changes rooms for new creations but doesn’t give up its simplicity.

Available in wall-mounted and floor model versions, Axis Wellness is a tailor-made piece of furniture that allows you to combine the structure - lacquered matt white or satin steel - with a top made of marble, Corian or designed with ad hoc materials.

Axis Wellness changes to meet all needs and to adapt to all spaces... to design each bathroom as a peaceful oasis of pure comfort.