Apparel Vera&Kyte / 2015

Apparel the divider/coat hanger by Vera&Kyte makes contradiction its strong point: its light painted reticular metal structure separates without dividing, allowing the eye to wander and discover what is "beyond".

Not just an elegant screen, its open grids and hooks invite to neatly hang and fold clothes, while the large circular mirror underlines the fusion between functionality and aesthetic which gives Apparel its bold character.

Thanks to its rigorous, essential geometry Apparel is the ideal furnishing solution for zones like entrances, bathrooms, bedrooms; for private apartments or hotel suites and refined stores, in any space where style and personality need to be added!

Apparel is a foldable room divider/clothes hanger in glossy lacquered metal with ten clothes hangers and one mirror. It is available in glossy red or black.

“ The thin lines, simplicity of form and materials are perhaps the most prominent characteristics of this object. 

When developing Apparel we worked with a graphic and, at times, two-dimensional aesthetic, which we enjoyed translating into a three-dimensional personality. ”