Ptolomeo TV light Bruno Rainaldi / 2011 - 2012

Ptolomeo grows, evolves, multiplies, starts a family and takes unexpected ways.

Ptolomeo TV is the technological version of the Original Ptolomeo, the renowned Bruno Rainaldi shelves  structure, which has now the function to hold (or rather support) the TV or any other media devices that can be useful next to it.

Ptolomeo TV is a furniture for televisions like no others, its contained dimensions and the meticulous attention to details, gives a modern, cutting-edge and almost Hi-tech look to this piece. Practical and functional, it is equipped with wheels and a storage for the cable, also, thanks to the multifunctional adapter, you can hang up televisions from 20 to 42 inches, with a maximum weight of 45 kilos. With the essential and sophisticated design that characterizes all the iconic pieces of the Ptolomeo Family, Ptolomeo TV is great in every type of environment from modern to traditional, in the living room, study area or in the bedroom.

Made entirely of metal, it is available in glossy white or matt black versions.

Ptolomeo third act.

Ptolomeo up to date, always.

Ptolomeo new functionality, not longer for books, a multimedia support instead.

From a symbol bookshelf to a Tv support.

Bruno Rainaldi