Uptown Lapo Ciatti / 2008

A sculptural look and a gritty style for Uptown, the library system designed by Lapo Ciatti and inspired by the urban landscapes of the great modern cities.

Essential lines and geometric shapes, Uptown is like a skyscraper in a big metropolis. Available in 4 heights, it offers flexibility with one limit only: creativity! The individual modules can be moved, overlapped or tilted, 4 elements to obtain various combinations of shapes.

These vertical containers are made of MDF and their look gives some fresh air to all types of environments, from the young to austere ones; living rooms and bedrooms, or in the bathroom, thanks to its contained depth that makes it a suitable solution for the most complicated spaces, such as corridors or entrances.

Manhattan, Dubai, Singapore.

Global metropolises with skyscrapers.

Uptown, system of vertical containers, In homes, everywhere throughout the world.

Lapo Ciatti