BAD BUDDY Bruno Rainaldi / 2009 - 2010

A rectangular parallelepiped and a cube combined together in a presumed disharmony of shapes, which becomes the most distinctive trait of the furniture. Bad Buddy is exactly this: "rectangular" or "square" containers that can be combined to create the most suitable shape, according to the personal taste and the place in which they are located. They can ben hanged or placed against the wall, horizontally or vertically, in order to achieve the maximum level of customisation.

Bad Buddy are big drawers, with flap opening (upward or downward) or in the classic style, with one (the cube) or two (the rectangular parallelepiped) internal shelves and can be coloured by choosing from one of the 213 colours available by the RAL classic collection.

A versatile furniture, easy to locate into the most diverse contexts and environments. Bad Buddy will find its perfect combination in every place: living room, kitchens, bedrooms or bathrooms, at home, in the office, in hotels or restaurants.

" Imperfect perfection.

Split lines which, in recomposition, give birth to new rigour. "

Bruno Rainaldi