Fe+Fe Bruno Rainaldi / 2008 - 2015

Fe+Fe, abbreviation in the language of chemistry of Iron+Iron, like the scaffolding of iron segments composing the base of this table designed by Bruno Rainaldi.

A metal frame on which a marble or glass top is rested, a table whose imposing metal structure appears to make it unbending and austere. A piece of furniture characterised by strong contrasts. Formal and informal, strict and simultaneously spontaneous, Fe+Fe reveals a strong character which suits environments that evoke a more contemporary spirit and more traditional ones alike, thanks to the sophisticated finishes of base and tops. Chrome, 24 K gold and black nickel for the unusual “legs”; and marble, either Carrara white or glossy Marquina black, and extra tempered crystal for the top.

Fe+Fe is available in a round version with three legs, or in an oval version with four legs. Quotes can be provided for special finishes and shapes.

"Iron segments composing in a scaffold.

An object seemingly spontaneous with a formal rigour."

Bruno Rainaldi