ILTAVOLO CAFFÉ Lapo Ciatti / 2016 - 2018

Wherever you like, as you like, with whom you like. That’s ILtavolo Caffé, a table easy and simple, always appropriate, exactly like a coffee is!

With the small top and the central base it has been developed to provide the highest level of comfort and usability even in tiny spaces. It is perfect for both, residential and contract environments. Kitchen and  living room but also restaurant or café. For indoor and outdoor use. ILtavolo Caffé can be wherever you like!

Like all the other "essentials" of Opinion Ciatti ( ILtavolo,  LAlampada,  ILletto) ILtavolo Caffé combines very essential shapes with a high degree of customisation.

Two shapes (round and square) two sizes for each and three materials (steel, marble and ceramic) to mix with more than 200 finishes. Glossy or matt, RAL painted or covered by a precious leaf or with a very odd material effect. With the top made in white Carrara marble or in ceramic with a cast iron, concrete, bronze or marble finish, it is finally perfect to give a refined touch to the outdoor spaces.

The result is "à la carte" table which suits perfectly any enviroment.

" Just a standard espresso or with a drop of milk, a delicious cappuccino or an american coffee? They say that there are more than 50 types of coffee served in Italy. ILtavolo Caffé does even better. There are almost infinite variations due to the combinations of sizes, materials and finishings."

Lapo Ciatti