CHUMMY FRIZZY Maurizio Galante + Tal Lancman / 2013

Soft, friendly, carefree…dishevelled! Chummy Frizzy is a family of chairs padded in polyurethane foam and coated in a long and “dishevelled” white faux fur. A pouf and a two-seater sofa that, according to a concept that is particularly dear to the two designers who created them, almost become “companions”, that wait for us at home and that “like a friend” welcome us when we return at the end of the day. A seating collection that is so carefree and casual that it feels at ease in any environment: at home, in a living room or bedroom, but also in an office waiting room or in a hotel hall.

We strongly believe in the concept that design is a “companion”. As a result we try to give life to objects that, although inanimate, welcome us when we come home as though they were friends, and accompany us in our life.

Our Chummy Frizzy stem from this thought and it is by no chance that they recall the fluffy toys we had as children, the confidants of our early infancy, equipped with a sense of humour and tenderness.”

Maurizio Galante + Tal Lancman