SHOE STOOL Koichi Futatsumata / 2014

Compact, ergonomic, innovative, useful above all, Shoe Stool the stool designed by Koichi Futatsumata makes functional the very ancient ritual of the lacing up of footwear.

It has been conceived to give a precise function to each element of its minimal design: a small, round seat and a footrest allow for easy taking off and putting on shoes, under the seat a smaller round tray holds essential care-related goods such as brushes, cloth, creams and spray; finally the legs are slanted for increased stability of the esile structure.

Shoe Stool has a discreet and elegant charm that allows him to belong to any area of the house – the entrance, the bedroom or the walk-in closet – or to be a very refined detail for hotel rooms or prestigious stores.

Made from solid steel it is available in different finishes – very chic black and white, or precious leaves - that enhance and potentiate its elegance.

" Designing Shoe Stool my reference was one of the most ancient and ritual gesture in Japanese culture, the no-shoes-inside customs. My aim was to create a very contemporary object able to make it extremely pleasant.

The result is this stool enjoyable, no-fuss combination of curves and corners. "

Koichi Futatsumata