CON.TRADITION Sara Bernardi / 2013 - 2017

Essential and very contemporary design for Con.tradition, the luminous lanterns designed by Sara Bernardi and inspired by the Chinese Heritage.

The concept is based indeed on the apparent contradiction between the minimalism of contemporary style (Con.temporary), and the preciousness of Chinese antique furniture style (.tradition).

The collection draws inspiration from the observation of some archetypes of the chinese furniture tradition (the lantern, the folding screen, the altar table for the calligraphy, and the tea table) with the aim of establishing a new relation between tradition and modernity.

The exchange reaction between two opposite identities is underlined by the materials employed that belong to construction field, concrete and steel reinforced bars. The roughness and the strength of construction materials are mixed and forced to a reaction with the elegance of the Chinese antique furniture style.

The result are lamps that are minimal, elegant and refined in shapes, the perfect choice for modern indoor spaces.

Available in 4 sizes they are black lacquered, the black is indeed the perfect colour to enchance the roughness of the material.

A collection of lamps while combining romantic atmosphere and industrial style, will illuminate creating unique and extraordinary contrasts of lights and shadows.

“ Concrete and steel materials as symbols of urbanization and to a higher extent metaphors of modernity establish a new meaningful dialogue with the tradition ”


Sara Bernardi