Tab.u Luce Bruno Rainaldi / 2015

Elegant and modern, essential and sparkling, Tab.u Luce is the “suspended version” of the famous stools by Bruno Rainaldi.

This linear chandelier seems very light and it is only supported by two cables connected to the ceiling rose, that is characterised by a coordinated finishing and a thin structure, giving the impression that Tab.u Luce floats in the air.

This chandelier is realized in hand-carved aluminium, as the other pieces belonging to the Tab.u family (stools, mirrors and tables), and it is available in mirrored chrome or gold versions. This lighting apparatus is definitely contemporary in terms of style, but thanks to the particular attention of the finishes it becomes a breaking element inside traditional contexts. With his innate personality, Tab.u Luce becomes the key player in kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, as well as in offices or other formal environments.

Wherever you are, Tab.u Luce is able to create a very special atmosphere.

Tabu luce 1

Wrinkling aluminium and the light with it…

Bruno Rainaldi