POUBELLE Paola Navone / 2005

Unlike how shape and name might make sense, Poubelle, is far more than just a basket (in French poubelle means basket). The container designed by Paola Navone, reproduces the classic garbage bin with a lid, it is revised for the choice of the material and suitable for a variety of uses. Not only a garbage bin, but also a versatile container suitable for toys, cloths or wood, a perfect solution for placing all items left on the furnitures or tables in our homes. An object that combines modern design with craftsmanship. The Poubelle containers are available in two heights and made of hand-crafted rubber. Ready made items that can easily find a place in every corner of the house.

" You have to observe, look, experiment ... and even a trash bin can turn into a design object."

Paola Navone