ELEMENTARE Studio Lievito / 2013

Elementary, like the geometrical shapes it is made of.

Elementary, like the matching shapes games played as children.

Elementary, like the kitchen kit designed by Studio Lievito.

Primary shapes become tools that, in turn, once they have been used for their purpose, go back to their exact position in the base, just like in the “elementary” games played in infancy. A globe, a cylinder, a cube, a prism: each has a well-defined task to perform. The globe cuts up spices and coarse salt; the cylinder, like a small rolling pin, rolls out pastry and tenderises meat; the cube removes the scales from the fish; the prism chops up all kinds of vegetables with the blade on its underside.

Linear and elegant geometrical shapes that are embellished with white Carrara marble, and the inserts in mirrored stainless steel.

" We are always attracted by tools that revolve around the act of eating, yet at the same time we like to make up objects where the stylistic intervention is at a minimum, to bring out the identity of the archetypes."

Studio Lievito