BEL.VEDERE Marcello Ziliani / 2012

This mirror designed by Marcello Ziliani is called Bel.vedere, literally “nice to see”: nevertheless this definition does not capture all its functions. It is equipped with a matt white varnished metal frame, the mirror is a multi-functional and flexible product, characterised by formal minimalism that means that is adapts to any lived-in environment. It can be propped up on the floor or hung from a wall: Bel.vedere includes a number of spacious compartments that can be used in a myriad of different ways, to hold books or host plants, to place any object that needs to be kept at reach when one looks at their reflection. Perfectly merging aesthetics and functionality, Bel.vedere can also be turned thanks to the two pins at the that once tightened keep the mirror in the desired inclination.

Bel.vedere, is nice to see in any environment: the entrance, bedroom, living room, bathroom. At home or in contract projects.

" The Belvedere project measures the limits of a double level of reflection: that of one’s own raw and sincere physical image from the mirror, and that of a kind of spiritual, mental or emotional image evoked by the frame, that I can fill with books that are part of me, from the souvenirs of my travels to the music CDs I love, including the objects of my youth."

Marcello Ziliani