People Marco Bertolini / 2004

The starting point behind People, the sytem of mirrors designed by Marco Bertolini, is art from the Sixties, and in particular the graphic work of Josef Albers and the steel work of the American minimalist artist Frank Stella.

The mirror has a strong three-dimensionality which is given by the square mirrors that are attached to the main panel by means of an adjustable metal link. Each single square mirror is though free to move and rotate and it can reflect, shape and split the surrounding world in countless different ways.

The structure consists of a black or white lacquered or silver/gold foiled MDF panel with four adjustable mirrors mounted on it. The mirrors sit on a joystick-like metal joint that is attached to the background panel.

As it often happens with Opinion Ciatti items The People mirror takes advantage of the possibilities of modularity and every panel can be assembled to create large scale compositions.

The People mirror is the perfect choice for anybody who is looking for an accessory with a strong character. It works perfectly in living rooms, reception rooms, offices or hotel and restaurant halls.

Versatile even in use; a “common” mirror or an affordable alternative to paintings and art. Because mirrors can be pieces of art. 

People 2

The name of the mirror derives from its capacity to split up people and reality into many units. Like in a collage, faces are reflected many times in many small single mirrors. One person’s reflection is multiplied into many, hence the name People. 

Marco Bertolini