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Stefan Krivokapic

The Milan based design consultancy "Skrivo" specialises in industrial design across furniture and lighting sectors working with manufacturers across Europe. The projects always try to be conscious of the available manufacturing methods while taking into special consideration the materials through constant research into new ones in order to create products that attain a balance between the functional and aesthetics in order to create innovative products.

Skrivo was founded by designer Stefan Krivokapic. He was born in Croatia in 1981 to an Irish mother and Montenegrin father and has lived in the United States, the Czech Republic, Venice, Croatia, and has now been in Milan for the last decade. After studying Industrial Design, he chose to collaborate with a number of design consultancies working on projects ranging from packaging to furniture, lighting, products, consumer electronics and fair stands.

Stefan’s multicultural background has always guided him to try to take bits and pieces of different cultures habits, history, values, materials, and processes in order to create interesting and innovative products. At the heart of every project is the idea to start from a material, function or technology in order to innovative and timeless products.

Since Stefan founded Skrivo in 2012, the consultancy has had the opportunity to create furniture, lighting, and product ranges for a number of international brands such as Sancal Diseño, Softline A/S, Miniforms, Contempo Italia and Potocco.

Skrivo’s projects have been published in some of the most prestigious art and design publications worldwide and have received a number of prestigious awards including Best Furniture Designer by Elle Decor Croatia in 2010, 1st place at the New Office Designer Awards (2009), the Gold Award at the Samsung Young Design Awards and most recently finalist at the 2013-2014 editions of the Young & Design Awards.