Opinion Ciatti: a 70 years long story Since the Fifties we create furniture which responds to real needs.

Opinion Ciatti is a Florence based company providing furnishing solutions and accessories since the ’50s.

We create design furniture and accessories including bookcases, tables, and chairs for the home, the workplace and common areas.

It is a family tale that has lasted for more than 70 years, marked by great people and inspired ideas.

From Rolando Ciatti, the founder, who first in Italy worked on TV cabinets to Bruno Rainaldi who turned a pile of books into an icon of contemporary design, Original Ptolomeo, the bookcase awarded the Compasso d’Oro 2004.

Today Lapo Ciatti leads his grandfather’s company aimed to offer to curious, clued-in, and enthusiastic people furnishings that are real solutions for niche functions. Reliable and highly personable pieces, sustainable in terms of costs and manufacturing, whose sheer presence can personalize a space, creating a unique atmosphere.

Proudly Florentines, you can find us worldwide. Ask about us in the most important design store, we are in more than 50 Countries all over the world.


We built together #youropinionworld