A new story never begins from zero - its roots always stretch far back and it starts to take shape even before the story looks like a story. This story.

Opinion Ciatti history begins when Rolando Ciatti has a brainwave. As a curious and attentive observer of a world which is changing so fast around him, he understands that a place in the house must be found for that strange appliance, the TV, which was ready to shake Italians habit. Hence the Ciatti was founded, it had its headquarter in Borgo San Frediano, in Florence Oltrarno, and it was the first manufacturer to produce TV benches in Italy. 



New ideas, a new brainwave.

With great farsightedness, Flavia Ciatti and Gianni Pareschi, the company’s precious art director, presents Ciatti a Tavola at the Milan Furniture Fair. It was a collection which confidently breezed into homes materials (steel above all) and concepts that until then were exclusively used for collective and industrial spaces.

Free standing kitchen units which may later be re aggregated according to the use and accessory furnishings where pure functionality meets absolute practicality.

2003 - 2004

Roads when intersecting become indissoluble bonds

Ciatti family bumps into Bruno Rainaldi, the severity of shapes joins up the maximum of the expression beyond the commonplace. Together they found CCR design, a new company focused on developing home objects and accessories. Furniture, chairs, mirrors and objects conceived by various major Italian designers are produced under the artistic direction of Bruno Rainaldi.

Ptolomeo, the self standing bookshelf by Bruno Rainaldi, wins “Compasso d’Oro” award. Basic but revolutionary, with immediate impact but new, as sudden as an intuition it soon becomes the company’s best-selling item and an icon of contemporary design.

Azienda logo


New challenges, new opinions.

The third generation joins the company. Lapo Ciatti goes into family business carrying his entrepreneurial spirit and an education in Industrial Design. While confirming Bruno Rainaldi as art director, Lapo feels the need to give a new name to the company: Opinion Ciatti replaces CCR. Opinion Ciatti as a very personal opinion on design.

2011 - 2013

A new start. A new dream to dream.

Bruno Rainaldi prematurely passes away in February and he bequeaths an important cultural and expressive baggage to Lapo Ciatti. He leads both the management and the artistic side of the business. Opinion Ciatti takes over ENTRATALIBERA. The innovative concept store founded by Bruno Rainaldi becomes Opinion Ciatti showroom in Milan.

It's 2013 when Lapo Ciatti presents his first own collection where the fine line in between going over tradition and making sense of memory is ephemeral, deliberately blurred. What emerges is a journey where past and present come together, merging and engaging with one another. Opinion Ciatti anticipates once more trends in living and begins to deal with customization offering a very wide range of colours to personalize almost all its portfolio.




It’s the year of #FollowYourRoots. The journey begun in 2013 becomes introspective. Homeland, Florence and Tuscany, and Middle Ages, one of the prime of its history. Journey as a metaphor. Roots as privileged source of inspiration. What emerges is a collection of the third millennium furniture made up of finishes and details that seem to wipe out centuries of history. Metals turn into very special finishes and precious leaves to “dress” lamps, chairs and tables.

The focus on custom-tailored solutions is one of the main features of the company. OC bespoke project starts as a division addressed to contract world , even if not exclusively at it, to make a reality of what the mind has only imagined.


Feet on the ground head in the sky.

In the year of the 50th anniversary of the flood that submerged Florence in 1966, Opinion Ciatti marks the unbreakable bond with its own homeland. Florence, an open-air museum, is the main theme of the 2016 edition of #FollowYourRoots; Florence is the wonderful location of important partnerships. Opinion Ciatti presents at iSaloni its first carpet collection conceived thanks to the various and terrific perspectives that some of the most important florentine buildings can donate.

In June Lapo Ciatti’s company joins “Design on Water” by LUISAVIAROMA, the group show about design displayed on a floating installation - a project by Claudio Nardi - on the Arno River. In September it is Event Supporter of Wired Next Fest the festival of innovation organized by Wired Italia held in the splendid setting of Palazzo Vecchio.

Always in June OFF Paris Seine opens in Paris. Opinion Ciatti in collaboration with Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman design and realize for the first time bespoke furniture for lounges and suites. One of a kind pieces and new editions exclusively conceived for the first floating hotel on the river Seine.



The journey is going on

More than 300 finishes and materials, a fusion of tradition, industrial processes and skilled labor, coupled with a wide choice of product variants. These are the main features of Opinion Ciatti today.

Young and dynamic company both residential and contract oriented. Currently it is dealing with important projects and supplies, it is involved in prestigious partnership and the brand is represented worldwide in selected furniture stores.

A close knit group ready to face any new challenge: products, finishes, trades, partnerships. Our journey has just begun…