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A 360° lifestyle, our lifestyle.

In its forward moving path, it will be dealing with every room at home (but not only), always careful to evolve beyond what has been done.

Object made to stand out over time for their form and function.



Carpet "Sagrestia Nuova - cupola" from Firenze Carpet collectionILtavolo and chairs Mammamia bronze, lamp Papavero Raggiante gold finish, Ptolomeo Vino Wall and LaCima3.

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Medieval atmosphere: LAlampada Table in gold leaf, LAlampada Ceiling in corten, ILtavolo in gold leaf, the chairs Mammamia with bronze finishing, Principe Galeotto cupboard in bronze finishing and golden accessories.

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Two bowls Frutteti on ILtavolo in silver leaf are lightened by two Tab.u suspension lamps. Chairs Mammamia, Tab.u mirrors, bookshelf Uptown.


Golden details in a warm and modern interior: "Old sacresty" Firenze carpet, coffee tables Tab.ulone and Tab.ulino gold, Tab.u mirrors gold, LAlampada table in gold leaf.


Left to right: bookshelf Uptown, cupboard Principe Galeotto with special concrete finishing, ILtavolo silver leaf, chairs Mammamia in different finishings (concrete, white, black), suspension lamps LAlampada in concrete finishing, Tab.u mirrors chrome finishing.  


Mammamia Stool, ILtavolo black, LAlampada floor lamp in concrete finishing, Tab.u Mirror chrome finishing.


A soft interior with the combinable container Bon Bon, the chair Mammamia in concrete finishing, the table ILtavolo in white color, the lamp Papavero Raggiante in red.


The disaggregated kitchen Axis with Tab.u stools in chrome finishing. On the wall, a composition of 5Blocks storage system.

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