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"A design object should always

tell a story, make you smile, excite you...

without ever forgetting to be functional.

Innovative but deeply rooted in the past,

only this way it will last in time"


OPINION CIATTI A very personal opinion on the world of design.

The history of Opinion Ciatti is a tale.

The story of an opinion that became a vision.

The vision of what it means design in the 2000s. For someone who is the son of a tradition that has passed through three generations.

Opinion Ciatti is a young reality with years of experience. It is the Ciatti family that takes care of it since the fifties.

Creating tables, chairs and storage solutions, but also lamps and small accessories; for both private and corporate spaces.

Intense and expressive objects, with a high communicative power and identity character, witnesses of research and passion that belong to Lapo Ciatti today, and before to his grandfather Rolando.

Unique pieces with a strong character, made-to-measure projects: expressions of a design that wants to be a fertile ground where new ideas and new shapes are born and tested. Objects that can be functional without forgetting to give emotions. 

Objects capable of telling stories, sometimes similar, sometimes different, but linked by a common theme.

Unique stories, conceived and experienced in Florence for a way of living 100% made in Italy.

This is our opinion...