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Angelo Barcella

Angelo Barcella was born in Milan in 1934. After a first experience of theater he moved to Rome, where for about ten years he focused his attention on cinema and photography working, among many, with Taviani Brothers, Valerio Adami and the the Maeght Foundation. In 1972 he has his solo exhibitions at “Il Diaframma” gallery in Milan where 22 photographic landscapes are on display. When he left Rome for Montalcino his ancient passion for the manual dexterity and the plastic form comes out; here his first sculpture is created by using unpublished techiniques and materials. The works are multilayer wood polychrome when the texture of the material is very exalted. Studies of Renaissance painting - on the Italian Mannerism and Jacopo Pontorno, in particular - lead him gradually to works of painting with a personal vision and interpretation of the landscape and of the figure.