Samer alameen

Samer Alameen

Born in Beirut in 1971, Samer Alameen graduated from the Lebanese American University with a double major in Fine Arts and Advertising in 1992, going on to work for a variety of prestigious advertising agencies. In 2006, Samer launched his own studio specializing in branding and image consultancy with a client list that extended across the textile, retail, mall, banking, real estate, food and jewelry sectors.

It was in 2012 that Samer decided to launch his own designs and his first collection. In 2014 he completed a Master Degree in industrial design at Scuola Politecnica di Design (SPD) in Milan. In 2016 he opened his studio in Milan.

In 2019, Samer was appointed as creative director of Design Italy, the new portal dedicated to high-end, made in Italy design products.

Since his studio launch, Alameen’s work has been featured in solo and collective exhibitions in Milan, Paris, Basel, London, Dubai and Beirut.

Samer Alameen’s work is anchored in a world of story-telling, something that stems from his extensive background in advertising and which has lead him to become a creator himself. Inspired by history, treasured memories and a sense of tradition, Samer reinvents the objects he creates: his process is witty, concise and refined, adding a new layer of purpose and context where appropriate to traverse both exclusive handmade and one-off pieces alongside those that are industrially produced.