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iSaloni 2016


Florence – Round Trip to San Bruzio.

After a three-year journey in and out of the Tuscan landscape, Opinion Ciatti presents itself to the 2016 Salone del Mobile with a collection where the details and production processes used are inspired by the city of Florence, with its inimitable historical, cultural and artistic heritage.

#FollowYourRoots2016 concept Lapo Ciatti starts where it all began: Florence and its history. Florence as an open-air museum where even the tiniest detail, a hidden feature or the memory of a historical event can be the source of new inspiration, a new product or a new finish.

At times it is enough to stop a while and change viewpoints to suddenly find oneself surrounded by the grandeur of the Medicean Florence and be overwhelmed by the astonishment felt by the women and men of those days when their eyes lifted to observe the placing of the latest work by Michelangelo, when they sharpened their ears to hear to the sound of metal being worked in the forges and the air smelling of lime, wood and leather.

Visions and inspirations from a past that is once again contemporary and that, in an unexpected déjà vu, is turned into objects and accessories that are suitable to life in the third millennium, perfectly at ease a fine home or in avant-garde environments in the contract segment.

This is the backdrop that gives rise to the new signature products by Lapo Ciatti, Stefan Krivokapic and Sebastiano Tosi. It is this scenario that gives rise to the new editions of Guelfo, Mammamia, ILtavolo and Ptolomeo.

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#FollowYourRoots2016 is on display in Rho Fiera and in the Opinion Ciatti showroom ENTRATALIBERA.

Black mesh joined unexpectedly here and there with gold strands is the distinctive feature of the booth designed by Lapo Ciatti. A mesh net that protects while at the same time invites guests to step in and immediately become part of the imagery of this Tuscan firm. There are three rooms, three different scenarios, an itinerary amongst different finishes, materials and personalisation. The starting point for a dream to be transformed by Opinion Ciatti.

The Opinion Ciatti showroom ENTRATALIBERA hosted in a 700 sqm space in the centre of Milan also provides a fascinating setting, a thrilling itinerary where everything is unexpected touching upon roots and vision, tradition and the contemporary. A journey through eras and culturessymbols and materials, large icons and new identities. The family concept store is also part of the “le Vie del Compasso d'Oro” itinerary promoted by ADI Lombardia within the XXI International Exhibition of the Triennale di Milano “21st century. Design After Design” and suggests a tribute to Ptolomeo (design Bruno Rainaldi), the winner of the 2004 award and Axis by Marco Duina and Bruno Pozzi, the kitchen system that was shortlisted for the Compasso d’Oro in 1987, one of the few examples of a kitchen range shortlisted for this prestigious award.

The women designers that the firm works with are the protagonists of ttwo exhibitions hosted by La Triennale di Milano and Palazzo della Permanente during the design week. The Con.tradition lamp by Sara Bernardi is on show from 2 April at the Triennale in the exhibition “W. Women in Italian Design” while Apparel the screen by Vera&Kyte is part of "The Art of Living 2016 – Visioni domestiche tra design e hi-tech" on show at Palazzo della Permanente from 11 to 24 April.

#FollowYourRoots2016 concept by Lapo Ciatti 

12 - 17 April 2016

Milan Furniture Fair – Rho Fiera Milan

Pavillion 16 Booth D37