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Opinion Ciatti joins Design on Water by LUISAVIAROMA, a group show about design on display at The Bridge of Love the floating installation, which marks the first use of Arno River as a high concept exhibition space from June, 14-17.

LUISAVIAROMA invited Lapo Ciatti and other selected artists and designers to think about the possible connections in between the epic tragedy which is refugee crisis today and water as a symbol of destruction and renewal, hope and solidarity.

Design on water is part of Firenze4Ever, the bi-annual event that brings together fashion, music, design and contemporary art. Its 13th edition wants to be on the one hand a clear tribute to the city of Florence on the 50th anniversary of the flood that submerged it in 1966 and on the other its desire is focus the attention on the refugee crisis which Europe is compelled to face.

Hope comes from a new interpretation of La Cima3, the iconic clothes hanger in nautical rope and from the literal meaning of the word “rope”. Rope as the resistant mooring to tie the boats to the dock which, in case of needs, becomes a solid support to throw into the sea and hold onto. Hope shows 19 white ropes - suspended between heaven and earth – and 2 limited edition stools also made up of nautical rope. 19 handholds which offer the utmost security and 2 rafts which provide shelter from the fury of the sea, an almost predictable metaphor of the help to give not only while sailing but also in everyday life. Lifelines as bridges toward the Hope of a better life, far away from war, persecution and famine. To break the absolute white, the colour of light and hope, instead of clothes hangers, an explosion of red metal flowers. Poppies, symbols of comfort and consolation, everlasting because out of time and red like love, the only force that can overcome adversity. At sea and on land.

In the background the special tune composed by Lisa E. Harris. A music which wants to be, using the artist’s own words, a way to respond artistically to the tragedies which affected the journey of hope always more often.

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<<When Valentina Guidi Ottobri, - LVR home buyer and person in charge of the project - called me explaining the event – Lapo Ciatti says – I immediately joined it. I was completely sure I wanted to be part of it. This happened not only because I hold Valentina in high esteem, but above all because the main theme, the refugee crisis, is a challenge that our generation is compelled to face in order to leave our children a better world. Moreover as Florentine, I deeply felt the need to celebrate the strength that my home city demonstrated fifty years ago when the flood submerged it. It was wonderful how people from all over the world could transform such a huge crisis into a possibility of commitment and civil value. After all it is just another way to look at the deep sense of belonging that I feel for my home city and roots. The idea to conceive the installation starting from La Cima3 emerged right after. A line between heaven and earth, the recollection of a sea-crossing and a mooring in a safe harbor. An object made to tie, connect, protect.>>

Hope will be hosted by one of the nine cubes of The Bridge of Love, the floating installation conceived and designed by architect Claudio Nardi to symbolize the will to provide hope to people in difficult situations.

Hope | Design on Water

Underwater Love | 13° edition Firenze4Ever by LUISAVIAROMA

15 – 17 June 2016

The Bridge of Love | Lungarno Serristori, Piazza Poggi - Florence

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