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Design Zone 2017

Opinion Ciatti participates at the Edition 2017 of Design Zone, two long weekend (12, 13, 14 and 19, 20, 21 May) dedicated to furnishings, tastes, fashion and motion in the prestigious and fascinating frame of Portopiccolo Sistiana.

Lapo Ciatti's Company has been invited to decorate the checkpoint of the event, an area whose furnishings are selected with the intent of creating a coherent and complementary itinerary between art, design and technology.

Furthermore, at the checkpoint, it has been set up the Opinion Zone, a space where leaving a message about the personal opinion on the meaning of the word design.

Design Zone is an event organized by the Portopiccolo Sistiana in order to celebrate the 4 F (food, fashion, furniture and Ferrari) of Italian excellence. A complete experience in which the contemporary design is framed in the Portopiccolo spaces.

Portopiccolo Sistiana, located in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, one of the largest production areas of design furniture at national level, is the ideal and coherent context for hosting Design Zone, a leading laboratory reflecting a 5 F, the one of Future. In fact, although presenting itself with the atmosphere and the welcome of the Italian seaport, this little town is eco-friendly, accessible, safe and efficient, with an architectural concept that anticipates the constructive and engineering trends of the next 20 years.

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