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Milan Furniture Fair 2017

At the 2017 Salone del Mobile, Opinion Ciatti presents #FollowYourRoots2017, its new collection where ample space has been given to new projects, limited editions, extensions of existing ranges and special items, all stemming from the collaboration between Lapo Ciatti, the company’s CEO and Art Director, with Maurizio Galante, Tal Lancman, Gherardo Frassa, Sara Bernardi and Angelo Barcella.

#FollowYourRoots2017 concept by Lapo Ciatti is a new step in the journey started in 2014 by the Tuscan company: although continuing along the lines of tradition, it offers new ideas and opens up to new prospects.

Tradition is recalled in the choice of the materials, especially metal, and in the care attached to finishes. Gold and nickel, in addition to fine fabrics, are made today with the same refined mastery that was typical of the Tuscan artisans of the past. This is flanked and at times contrasted by an innovative thrust dictated by an exquisitely semantic research. The roots to be identified and followed are no longer those of native Tuscany, indeed replete of meaning: they are a metaphor for our very essence; a journey back to genuineness, to the purity of the innermost I.

The result is a collection characterised by freely intimate and everyday nuances, made of objects – a chair, a bed, a lamp, a table – where the corners have been overcome and where borders purposely become blurred or undefined. They are projects that reveal a strong identity, immediately ascribable to Opinion Ciatti, but also able to evoke, regardless of where they are positioned, whether in a public or a private space, the wellbeing and comfort of the home, the place where roles and conventions are forgotten and where one spontaneously goes back to being oneself, peacefully reconnected to one’s roots.

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This is the fil rouge that characterises #FollowYourRoots2017. The new designs of the Con.Fort chair, the XXX tables, the ceiling lamp Papavero Raggiante or the ILletto, a canopy structure that is presented here, as is the Guelfo Fur armchair, as a special edition. The extension of the Con.tradition and LAlampada lamps, and the carefully selected ornaments, presented here as an absolute preview

The stand conceived by Lapo Ciatti, from its very structure, it is the perfect combination of the innovation and tradition that characterises the 2017 collection. Metal tubes kept together by gold joints; white, the colour of light and purity combined with the most precious of all metals. A net, also white, which on one hand strives to protect, separate that which is part of an intimate and private dimension from the inevitable alterations caused by the reality outside, while on the other it allows the two dimensions to communicate, suggesting the need to find an agreement and bring back harmony. Overcoming the threshold creates a space where poetry and tradition, dreams and research, innovation and matter follow one another, penetrate one into the other in an ongoing dialogue, seeking for new meaning, intuition and ideas.

#FollowYourRoots2017 concept by Lapo Ciatti

4 - 9 April, 2017

Milan Furniture Fair – Rho Fiera Milan

Pavillion 16 Booth D37

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