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"Le chambre surréaliste" at AD Interieurs

Dreamlike visions, at times psychedelic, “La chambre surréaliste” is a tribute to the dream and to all its suggestions, a project signed by Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman for AD Interieurs 2017.

A room out of time where spatial dimensions lose their natural connotation and a carpet can decide to simply lay on the floor or even cover walls and ceilings. A bedroom - because it is when sleeping that our travels in the unconscious come alive – where the creations of  Opinion Ciatti find their location. Illetto and Lapanca by Lapo Ciatti, the console version of Gagà by Maurizio Galante, but even the news of  Waves (a table) and catinthebox collections (bergere and pouf).

In this way Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman wanted to interpret the theme "L'art de la matière" of this year's edition of AD Interieurs.

AD Interieurs, at its eighth edition, is the exhibition conceived to celebrate the tenth anniversary of

AD France that every year in September shows the projects of a group of artists, designers and

architects called by the editorial staff to interpret a specific theme according to their style.

Opening photo: Claire Israel

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