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Under 35. Italian Design

Studio Lievito and its versatile kitchen accessories Elementare has been selected by Triennale of Milan to be part of Under 35. Italian Design, an overview, more than a simply exhibition, on contemporary and Italian design on display in New Delhi during India Design ID from 16 to 19 of February.

The exhibit through 100 works by 27 Under 35 Italian designers wants to underline how contemporary design is to be found in a decidedly different model from the one that dominated in the age of the ‘Masters’. In those days, design culture aimed to create finished, functional products, whereas today – in what has in a certain sense become a ‘mass profession’ – design generates processes more than products, and appears primarily as a form of self-representation of the designer’s ability to imagine, create and innovate.

Elementare is a perfect example of this new attitude. The marble kitchen accessory acts as an invitation to experiment with food through many different gestures.  An object of real design strictly related to that universe of food  which has seen ncreasing its role of social aggregator during the last years.

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