Milan Design Week 2018

The new collection presented by Opinion Ciatti at the 2018 Salone del Mobile beckons to the world of art: featuring new products, new finishes and novelties in the existing lines.

The collection conceived by Lapo Ciatti marks a comeback of the original concepts by Opinion Ciatti, a return to the space between art and design embodied by its early years.

A project dear to Lapo Ciatti who personally selected the designers with whom to work - often also in the development of individual pieces -  to turn his concept into real objects.


This has led to the creation of the collection of seats, tables and lamps of the Foliae collection together with Roberto Mora, the sculptural display cabinet YANG with Marta Giardini and the objects of the Once Upon A Time collection with Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman. Different issue is Ptolomeo Vino, the free-standing vertical bottle holder revised by Lapo Ciatti according to the sketches left by Bruno Rainaldi.

Within this context, materials become fluid and light, the fruit of the research which has been conducted over many years with great passion by our Florence-based company, becoming innovative finishes that clad with “new colours” and glows most of the essentials (Mammamia, ILtavolo, LAlampada). A very special varnishing, as result of the study on metals which has been conducted over many years with great passion by Opinion Ciatti, an exclusively artisanal manufacturing process covering three stages which enhances metallic micro particle glitters.

This is the vision underlying the new versions proposed of the Mammamia seat by Marcello Ziliani and the folding Con.fort by Maurizio Galante & Tal Lancman, the ILtavolo Caffé table and the Guelfo wingback, both designed by Lapo Ciatti plus the decorative tableware Madama.B by Gianluca Bianchi for the Frutteti collection.