Thank you - Salone del Mobile 2018

"You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul" - George Bernard Shaw

Subtle lines, careful details, innovative materials and sartorial decorations: the new collection presented by Opinion Ciatti at the Salone del Mobile 2018 lays on a ground between art and design.

It has been an edition with great public and critic acclaim which has been spectacular also for Opinion Ciatti.

<< Having closed the circle of the “essentials” (chairs, lamps, tables and beds, editor’s note), pieces that are suitable to furnish each space due to their simple lines and utmost personalisation possible, we have decided once again – states Lapo Ciatti, the Company’s CEO and Art Director to rise to the challenge of making highly communicative creations that can immediately generate the empathic relationship between object and beneficiary which is at the core of the very concept of design. >>

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The Stand at Rho Fiera, designed as well by Lapo Ciatti, reinterpreted the concept of the whole collection. Bringing the individual back “to the centre”, in a fluid and aware interaction between public and private, between what is inside and what is outside, which is able to respect and identity and diversity.

A stand enclosed by a white net, a distinctive feature of our latest editions which on the one hand separates while on the other establishes communication through its mesh. A stand divided into six areas, separating yet at the same time communicating with one another, an itinerary that lead from the “outside” to the “inside”.

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