Firenze 11/2018: our new General Catalogue is online One volume for all products and finishes plus a renewed section for contract and bespoke projects.

A project which ends a cycle. San Bruzio abbey lays on the horizon, hidden in the green of the Tuscan countryside. This image, chosen for the cover, perfectly represents the concept of Firenze, 11/2018, the new Opinion Ciatti general catalogue, online today.

The volume, which can be downloaded via the banner above, gathers every product made in Ciatti – those of the collection together with the novelties launched in April during the last Salone del Mobile – a detailed overview of the finishes and a renewed section for the bespoke and contract world, updated with the latest projects.

Firenze, 11/2018 is easy to consult thanks to the division into categories. It includes the entire Opinion Ciatti universe: history, products, finishes, projects. Past, present and future of a company heartened by 70 years of experience that can’t wait to take on the new challenges of the future. The cover we have chosen reflects all of this. The San Bruzio abbey, main character of the #FollowYourRoots collections catalogues, is still present, but it is in the background, almost blending with the Tuscan winter landscape.

<< Firenze 11/2018 is the last stop of our journey. San Bruzio abbey is just behind us. – says Lapo Ciatti It has been a wonderful travel companion for many years. Its ruins, still standing fiercely, have been reminding us for several times of our origins and roots. But now, the time has come to move forward and face what we are and always will be in a constantly changing world. Bye- bye San Bruzio, we are ready for new experiences and new challenges. >>

Our future means a growing number of bespoke and contract projects. Two parts of the catalogue are in fact dedicated to them: one at the beginning and one at the end. The contents and contributions of the renewed pages tell how Opinion Ciatti’s passion and know-how can turn the most innovative ideas into real products and projects.

A catalogue to flick through, to consult and to be inspired by…since it’s from here that our future, together with you, (re)start.