2020 Collection Of spices, sauces, and new stories.

Opinion Ciatti’s 2020 collection is much more than the sum of its new products. It is sharing a new project, communicating a change of perspective.

It is the concrete expression of our new mission.

We have created items that distinguish themselves for their signature design, precise functions, and technical achievements for an increasingly transversal market whose confines are ever more blurred.

Items that are iconic and sustainable in terms of prices and processes, and whose sheer presence can personalize a space, creating a unique atmosphere.

Our accessories, bookshelves, tables, and chairs “spice up” spaces just like sauces and spices can flavour dishes, regale our senses and leave an indelible and lasting trace in our memory. 

Yumyum b

Yum Yum design Lapo Ciatti


Loomi design Lapo Ciatti

Pepe leather

Pepe design Raffaella Mangiarotti

It was a long and compelling journey, full of reflections in such a complicated year, from which four spices (and a sauce) and three (plus one) range extensions have taken shape.

Loomi, Macis, Pepe, Zenzero (the spices) and Yum Yum (the sauce) evoke distant worlds while merging function and emotion.

Ptolomeo Shelf, Ptolomeo TV Smart, XXX rectangular, and Cartesio have been specially designed to meet the demands of a changing world, as effective supports for constantly evolving needs.

Macis b

Macis design Lapo Ciatti

Zenzero wg

Zenzero design Samer Alameen

The spices (and the sauce) are:

-        Three seats: Loomi and Yum Yum by Lapo Ciatti and Pepe by Raffaella Mangiarotti;

-        A bar trolley, Zenzero, by Samer Alameen;

-        A table/desk, Macis, by Lapo Ciatti.


The Ptolomeo TV Smart stand by Bruno Rainaldi and the XXX rectangular coffee table by Lapo Ciatti represent an evolution in the existing product ranges, both increasing in size to keep up with the times. Ptolomeo Shelf is an innovative accessory for the Ptolomeo family bookcases, a convenient shelf that can be fitted anywhere in the iconic bookcase and expand its use.

Finally, Cartesio is a stand for large screens but also for smart boards. Designed by Lapo Ciatti, it has the unique purpose of accommodating our thoughts and visions in a beautiful setting.


The items that distinguish the 2020 collection are extremely varied in terms of use and design, but they are all inspired by the concept of sustainability: a leitmotiv that characterizes our production processes, the fight against waste, and the choice of materials for all our new products. An essential value for a company in which excellence, innovation, and care have been perfected over 70 years of activity.

Ptolomeotvsmart b1 1

Ptolomeo TV Smart design Bruno Rainaldi

Ptolomeoshelf bw2 1

Ptolomeo Shelf

Xxx b

XXX rectangular design Lapo Ciatti

Cartesio bw2

Cartesio design Lapo Ciatti