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Opinion Ciatti to take part in Salone del Mobile.Milano Solid visions for new directions.

Opinion Ciatti is glad to announce its long-awaited return at the 60th edition of Salone del Mobile.Milano, that will be finally held in its most authentic shape in Rho Milano Fiera, from June 7th to 12th. There the design brand will present the ideas and projects that were conceived in the last two pandemic years.

Solid visions for new directions.

Even if these are times of uncertainty, Lapo Ciatti’s company confirms its mission, like a compass that indicates the route and sets its new goal: reading change.

In fact, this is what inspired Opinion Ciatti’s “solid visions”: a new collection of visionary pieces, complements and accessories.

By reading people’s new needs and fitting into each person’s everyday life, these new pieces also hold the power to be like “spices and sauces” for their surroundings, enhancing the beauty of all spaces with their discreet yet distinctive presence.

Salone del Mobile.Milano

June, 7–12 2022

9.30 am – 6.30 pm

Pav. 16, Stand B22

For all information on tickets and admissions, please visit the official website of Salone del Mobile.Milano.