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Ducasse sur Seine | Restaurant A union of elegance and hospitality

Ducasse sur Seine, the new restaurant of the award-winning French chef Alain Ducasse hosted on the first 100% electric cruise boat.

The pleasures of the table are matched by those of the city: through the large bay windows, Paris and the river roll by as if on a movie screen while inside, it is possible to experience the French haute cuisine.

In an ambience that emphasizes the continuos exchange between the boat and its environment.

Paris | France

September 2018


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The interior architecture was assigned to Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman, who worked with Opinion Ciatti to realize the project.

Paris and Seine river feature as the main inspirations of their concept. Key points to develop a unique interior design project covering 4 areas on 2 levels: reception and the main room on the first floor, the private room and the terrace on the second.

So the city of Paris makes its impression on the floors and on the seats in the main hall of the first floor, becoming the graphic pattern of carpets, cushions and armrests.

Thus the river, with its constantly changing reflexes, has guided the choice of finishes: mirror chrome and silver leaf embellish the furnishings of the main floor. Shiny mirror for the tailor made versions of the Mammamia chair - presented here in an unusual edition with armrests and sled base - and of ILtavolo table - that evokes the river thanks to a special wood veneer with waves for the top. Sparkling silver leaf covers the two consoles for the preparation of the dishes and the inner glass walls.

Completing the whole, the ceiling with its sculpted wave pattern, and the reception desk, a Waves sideboard bended to the needs of a starred restaurant!

Whispered tones for the first floor, full colours for the second: there’s a strong contrast between the two floors. The tiny room of the second floor is in fact a tribute to the warm tones of the Parisian sunset. Here special tables covered with bright copper leaf are placed. Refined pieces exclusively realised by Opinion Ciatti for Ducasse sur Seine.

Outside, on the terrace, it's again a matter of reflexions; space is given to the comfortable - and practical - Con.fort folding chair in aluminum mirror finish and ILtavolo Caffè table in stainless steel, a product absolutely custom made. Mirrored surfaces that once again make the Seine the main character. Perfect synthesis of the concept conceived for Ducasse sur Seine: an uninterrupted dialogue between the boat and its context, between what happens on board and Paris all around.

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