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The new products displayed at Salone del Mobile 2019 A collection in symbols and thoughts.

A trip to the boundaries of time, but also a trip in time. A deeply symbolic collection, at times evocative of the past, is presented this year by Opinion Ciatti at the 2019 edition of the Salone del Mobile. Because there are symbols, signs and depictions that – quite simply – have the power to cross the millennia and settle in a parallel dimension from which they then tell their “timeless” story.

This is how the new projects by Lapo Ciatti and Roberta Colombo have emerged; it is the source of the collaboration with Joel Escalona and Marcello Ziliani; it is against this backdrop that Atavica came to be, the “capsule collection” designed by Marcantonio.

A clothes hanger that hints to the infinite, a mirror that screams freedom, a bowl that invokes equilibrium, a chair that speaks of wonder, Atavica, a collection within the collection, that recovers the traces of a long gone past.


Freedom! - design Roberta Colombo

"Freedom! is a symbolic object and as such it goes beyond what is evident. – says Roberta Colombo - It isn't the place of the vanity of the body, but a space for thought, even before being an object that reflects our image".


Mammamia - design Marcello Ziliani

The Mammamia range is extended to include three new variations: a new finish, a new padding and a new frame, to add on to the increasingly large family of seats.


Balance - design Joel Escalona

"Balance is an important step in my career. It stems from my ongoing search for the balance between creative idea and process, between the certainty of what we know and the uncertainty of the new, between stability and constant movement".