“A leather story”: with the second episode of “The shape of values”, our journey into our creative processes continues Beauty is a story of far journeys and comebacks, a tale that smells like home and freedom

During the stages of the creation of a new product, there is always a moment, a short, magical moment, when we feel a great emotion. And that’s when we see a design, a concept, turning into a tangible object and coming to life.

With “The shape of values”, our new video series project, we wanted to explore exactly that moment to share with you this unique experience.

This led to a whole journey into the discovery of creativity and tradition. A journey behind the scenes of some of our most iconic crafting processes, to tell the story of our Tuscan roots, and of our research of functionality and innovative materials.

In this second episode of “The shape of values”, our craftsmen and their fine and precise expertise will take us into the universe of florentine leather, between ancient techniques and new skills. It’s the leather work, in fact, the protagonist of “A leather story”, as it is a distinctive trait of our roots and of the Made in Italy.

Tanning, that is part of the human craftsmanship since the ancient times, develops its market during the Napoleonic age. But it’s in Florence’s laboratories that it turns into an actual excellency, starting a whole business field.

An excellency made of traditions, families and their special “know-how”.

Small and neat gestures that make each product unique and precious, identitary and iconic. And so, in the spell of the hands of our expert craftsmen, we witness the moment when an intuition turns into a shape.

In “A leather story” this is the soft and sinuous shape of Pepe, the suggestive seat by Raffaella Mangiarotti. It’s on its structure that the leather is accurately modelled, to celebrate freedom, inspiration and passion. To highlight the beauty of an extraordinary moment.

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